The “Queen City Battle of the Bands” event was created to be the nation’s best kick-off to the Fall marching band season by showcasing new performances of the country’s top marching bands.  This event starts the season off with a BANG!  It offers unmatched exposure to the marching bands of Historically Black College’s & Universities, and demonstrates its broad appeal with attendance by a multitude of demographics- teens, young adults, families, college educated professionals, blue collar working class and even the active elderly.

Thanks to the support of its sponsors, the 4th annual “Queen City Battle of the Bands” event will attract more than 15,000 fans, alumni and students.  The vision of the event’s creator, Derek Webber, is to strengthen the connection of the community to Historically Black Colleges and Universities by showcasing select marching bands and the role they play in educating aspiring musicians and developing future leaders.

The community’s outstanding attendance of this event has allowed Webber Marketing to donate $160,000 in scholarships to participating colleges and universities

The audience is thrilled every year by never seen before performances that keeps everyone coming back year after “exciting” year!

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